The sun is shining, it is hot outside and you have just finished your workout. You ask yourself what to cook? What about Paella? You need some help? Here is my step-by-step recipe for you.

Paella - ingredients

  • Boil your sea-food (pulpetti, calamaretti, lobster etc.) for 15 min in salt-water


  • Slice some chicken breast
  • Wash and cut your vegetable (green beans, zucchini, red pepper, aubergine)
  • heat some coconut oil in your paella pan or wok
  • Fry your sea-food, take it out of the pan, cut it into smaller piecesPaella - lobsterPaella - seafood
  • Fry the chicken breast and take it out of the panPaella-chicken breast
  • Fry the rice together with your vegetable Paella - vegetables
  • Deglaze with boiled water, add safran, salt & pepperPaella - vegetables2
  • Let it cook until all the water is boiled away, add olives & artichoke, add the sea-food & the chickenPaella - wok

Serve & enjoy!


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