Hazelnut-Coconut Kefir (Joghurt)

Trying to avoid milk products but still want to enjoy some delicious & healthy joghurt? No need to go nuts! 😉 Try this easy kefir/joghurt (depending on your favourite ferment) recipe!

  • mix 100 ml coconut milk & one sachet of (vegan) ferment (joghurt or kerfir; what you like best)
  • heat 200 ml coconut milk & tsp. agar-agar, reduce temperature & constantly stir for 2 min
  • add the hot coconut milk to 600 ml self-made nut milk (hazelnut, almond, cashew – whatever you like)
  • add the coconut-ferment mix and stir well
  • fill your joghurt (or honey) glasses, put them into your joghurt machine and let the bacteria do their work over night (12 h)
  • let the joghurt cool down at room temperature for around 3 h
  • check if there is some disaggregated water (if so – just stir well) & put them into the fridge

(If you make your joghurt/kefir the next time: just add around 100 g of your previous joghurt/kefir instead of using new ferment.)

What a pleasure to enjoy your self-made kefir/joghurt in the morning! Great to be fair to yourself!


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