About me

Food & sports have always played a great role in our family. My brother and I performed a lot of sports and finally got addicted to track & field and fitness. From an early age we have learned that an appropriate diet with healthy & tasty food not only helps you to increase your performance but principally to feel good, even when suffering from food allergies.

Thus, growing-up with a healthy, conscious & active lifestyle in combination with the participation in competitive sports convinced me of studying Human Movement Sciences. Especially during my Master’s degree I was able to focus and specialise my competences in the field of exercise physiology as well as human nutrition. Simultaneously, I started consulting friends, athletes and other interested people on their nutrition & training to support them in achieving their goals & ambitions. On top of that, my PhD study about mitochondrial function in human health & disease has enlarged my knowledge in scientific reading, writing, performing different experiments and confirmed me in my passion of applying knowledge from science on our health & daily life.

Realizing my brother’s and my physical progress as well as viewing our pictures in social media of the food we create together led to numerous positive reactions and requests. Hence, a lot of friends encouraged me to write a blog about the self-designed dishes & the corresponding recipes. So here you are. Herewith, I hope to pass at least part of my passion of creative cooking, healthy eating & exercise habits to interested individuals.

Always remember that you are responsible for your own life – so be fair to yourself!


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clean food – active lifestyle – creativity joins vitality